Excellence and attention to current trends

With an irresistible urge to interfere with cultural life and renewal of new areas, the team behind The terminals brings an extensive experience. They are also responsible for TAP1, located in “Carlsberg Byen”. TAP1 is one of Carlsberg’s former bottling halls which in 2009 was transformed into a modern and contemporary venue. It is a savvy team with high excellence and a special sense when it comes to transforming industrial areas to exclusive experience-venues which embrace current trends.

Director of TAP1, Rikke Friis Assentoft: “The terminals are part of the objective of creating life and traffic in the area of Nordhavn. The transformation of the Carlsberg City on Vesterbro is a radiant example of successful urban development, that was initiated by our work, transforming a former bottling plant into a successful and economically sustainable venue; TAP1.  It is a really exciting project and we see it as a great and ideal opportunity to develop and grow the strengths and distinctiveness of Copenhagen.”