TALL GROUP is the lead developer of The Terminals. This organization conducts product and business development, focused primarily on experience economics. TALL GROUP is a powerhouse of experience, creativity and innovation: a unique constellation driven by unique people, all forerunners in their field.

TALL GROUP has actively participated from the very beginning – from idea to execution. TAP1 is a part of TALL GROUP and their  highly regarded team, who is responsible for operation of the The Terminals, brings over fifteen years of experience in event production with them to the exciting project.

TAP1 is an experienced and reliable organization whose primary force  in the development of The Terminals, is the extensive background of the organization, emphasizing especially the transformation of the Carlsberg City on Vesterbro as a radiant example of successful urban development. This process was initiated by TAP1’s hard work, transforming a former bottling plant into a successful and economically sustainable venue.

The Terminals are a further development of TAP1’s involvement in the urban life of Copenhagen, and the project constitutes an innovative plan for the development of future urban spaces. By integrating progressive architecture with the rustic and maritime character of the harbor area, the ambition is to create a venue that can develop the area, making the future Nordhavn an asset to the capital.

The Terminals will contribute to the continued development of the urban space, and provide it with an independent identity as the area evolves from an industrial stronghold to a diverse residential area: an area with a unique appearance that perfectly captures and represents our capital. The Terminals will be integrated as an oasis in the city, created through an innovative collaboration across industries, focusing on positive urban development.